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Looking for guidance?

Did you hear the news Awaken is back!

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Your Intuition is the key to creating the life you desire

Awaken your Intuitive Superpowers is the 5 day practice to help you manage your energy body, dial up your intuition, and finally trust yourself

"Melissa Amos is a phenomenal teacher and accurate channel who is able to bridge the realms through her many skills as an intuitive and coach. I recommend her skills to anyone who's ready to know themselves on a deeper level."
Kyle Melissa
Kyle Gray
Speaker. Teacher. Yogi


The Higher Self Series

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Shed what no longer serves, return to love, and find your truth using Sound medicine, Tantra, and Breathwork (no matter where you are in your personal evolution).

Every day we’re faced with amazing opportunities to transform for the better- to find our light. Throughout our lives, and indeed our past lifetimes as well, we find patterns, beliefs, energy transfers, and behaviours that align with an outdated version of ourselves. 

That simply isn’t who we are anymore.

Aligning to our Highest Self allows us to shed what is no longer serving us, and leads us on a journey to return to the core part of ourselves- the part that continues to guide us through our highest evolution.

Hey You!

Nice to have you here

I am Melissa, and I am dedicated to help soul searchers, spiritual seekers and people just like you, to get crystal clear about their Souls many whispers.

If you have been searching – seeking – wondering around, my specialities revolve all around unlocking your gifts, helping you on your Ascension path and giving you the tools to tap in to your innate wisdom.


Because YOU are an infinite soul with infinite possibilities. And YOU have chosen to incarnate here to discover, to grow, to learn, to experience and ultimately to Ascend.

How do I know?

Well. I started off just like you. Unsure, going about my day to day life in the standard eat, work, sleep cycle, until a series of mystical and magical coincidences started knocking at my door.

Fast forward a few years – a few energy upgrades, a few life changing workshops, a few eye opening moments, and a whole tonne of inner work, when I find myself here, with a heap of tools and a beautiful ability to connect with your Soul, your guidance team and tap in to your time lines!

Melissa Amos London

You're invited to grab

A Free Gift 📿

Have you ever wondered where your heart is leading to?

This short mediation will guide you into the heart of your heart – into the heart of your purpose .

Receive the infinite love and support you need to activate your potential that is guiding you into purpose


An energetic library holding all the answers to your souls many questions, and a wonderful place to align to your purpose

An evolution of Reiki working with the healing energy from source

The energy of Love, comprising of a set of 9 Shamanic rites enabling us to dream a new world in to being

Getting to the root of the issue, to help you find your purpose

energy transmissions bespoke to your needs.

working with all the laws of the universe, for you to get clear on where and how you are going

giving you visual confirmation of the messages from your spirit team. 

including Advanced Angel Card Mastery, Certified Angel Guide and Certified Crystal Guide – plus 4 years + under his mentorship programme, and now one of his selected Mentor Teachers coaching his students in his signature program.

Combining Eastern and Western Techniques and Philosophies these systems work at a Soul Level to help you understand who your unique blueprint here on Earth, and release and balance any energetic imbalances that are causing trauma, to bring you back in to Unity and your Soul truth.


Whether you choose to attend one of my many soul led workshops or development programmes, arrange a one to one healing or reading, or choose to dive deeper with a mentorship package, you can be assured that each offering contains a magical mixture of tools, theory, transmissions and inspiring content 

Have a look at my upcoming workshops or book your personal session with me to start to co-create your soul aligned life. 

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Soul Space is a private dedicated group for Soul Seekers, finding their purpose, exploring their talents and building their light bodies, so they can live on purpose, with purpose and share that light with the world.


The doors to Soul Space, my inner circle are now closed… But if you’d like to be the first to know when they open again or a space comes up – join the wait list here.

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