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A big hearty thank you for being one of the Mystic In Training Launch Partners and making this book the success it wants to be!

The other day I was sitting with my guidance team asking what I can give you to compliment this book.

I was guided to get my mic ready there and then and begin to speak as the energy began to run through me

We were gifted this beautiful meditation that my dear friend, sound Shaman Laura Mitchell put to some music, which is now exclusively available as a gift to you

The meditation will support you in understanding the thread that runs through your life, giving you a higher perspective and activating the path to your purpose.

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Bonus Two

We all need reminders sometimes that we are all, indeed, Mystics In Training

We have created for you a wallpaper for your smartphone to remind you of your path, encoded with the energy of higher guidance, purpose and love.

Lionsgate is a special time for me, and every year I record an exclusive workshop for my Soul Space members…

This year, you're invited too. Access the recording and enjoy the activation again and again.

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