2.2.2022 Imbolc, New Year, New Moon Magic


Maybe you have already felt that this is going to be a pivotal year.
With energies, expectations and experiences flying around us, it’s never been so important to become balanced, harmonised and grounded in our intentions as to what energies WE are creating and seeding.
Imagine what happens when the 22222 portal, the Chinese New Year, Imbolc, the Aquarian new moon and a unified group of people come together…
As the Earth awakens here in the Northern Hemisphere, with rumbles of promise and hope pushing through the darkness, we will get together to explore, journey and create in this exclusive workshop.
Join us in this experiential energy activation for an evening of discovery as we celebrate the opening of this potent portal
The price of this 2 hour workshop is £44, however, I will offer this at a special price of £22.22 if you sign up for a special discount code
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NOTE: This workshop is included in Soul Space membership. So if you are already a member of Soul Space you don’t need to sign up.


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