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ALIGN – The Higher Self Series with Laura Mitchell

Shed what no longer serves, return to love, and find your truth using Sound medicine, Tantra, and Breathwork (no matter where you are in your personal evolution).



Shed what no longer serves, return to love, and find your truth using Sound medicine, Tantra, and Breathwork (no matter where you are in your personal evolution). Every day we’re faced with amazing opportunities to transform for the better- to find our light.

Throughout our lives, and indeed our past lifetimes as well, we find patterns, beliefs, energy transfers, and behaviours that align with an outdated version of ourselves. 

That simply isn’t who we are anymore.

Aligning to our Highest Self allows us to shed what is no longer serving us, and leads us on a journey to return to the core part of ourselves- the part that continues to guide us through our highest evolution.

Soul Guidance and Sound Medicine

Combining the Soul Guidance from Melissa Amos, Soul Empowerment Mentor, and Laura Mitchell, Tantrica Sound Medicine Woman and Soul Healer, this three-part series will be a truly powerful and unique experience.

Over three months and three masterclasses, you’ll receive the guidance to return to love, find your truth, and create Centred Connection with live interaction introducing you to Sound, Tantra, and Breathwork Practices and 6 take home recordings for you to continue your practice at home.

Each recording has been channelled to attune you to the energies of the month, with a complimentary meditation to repeat as often as you wish to compound the benefits.

How it works

Held every 4 weeks, starting Thursday 20th April on the New Moon, each event in the series builds upon the energetics you hold in your system and the complimentary practices that will continue to serve you through your Ascension pathway.

You will receive a live zoom workshop, a sound healing infused Attunement, and a complimentary meditation for each month.

About Melissa

Melissa Amos, Soul Empowerment Mentor, specialises in helping people connect with their intuition, heal their past, and transform their confusion into wisdom through the Akashic Records, Holy Fire Reiki®, Oracle Cards, and more.  Since 2008 when she attended her first Reiki class, Melissa has undertaken a truly transformative spiritual journey, embracing all the tools at her disposal to lower stress, relieve pain, and over time become the full embodiment of her truest self. 

While the spiritual community can at times feel inaccessible, full of untouchable, unrelatable Gurus, Melissa stands out with her gentle, warm, and welcoming nature.

When she was a girl, her hypnotherapist Grandmother would take her “over the rainbow,” opening her mind to new possibilities. 

As an adult, Melissa has reconnected with that fundamentally open nature, and now has the privilege of guiding others along their awakenings. 

About Laura

Laura Mitchell, Tantrica Sound Medicine Woman and Soul Healer, is passionate about sharing the many gifts she has received over the years, and as such offers the best possible training and experiences to clients.

She is also an Award Winning Soprano and as such enjoyed an 23 year international career as an opera, concert and recital singer. She trained at the Royal College of Music, The Benjamin Britten International Opera School and The National Opera Studio.

However, in her early thirties, she had a stage accident where she was thrown across the stage by a miss-timed colleague, mid-performance, leaving her unable to walk or even speak.

She rehabilitated through training in Voice, Bodywork, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Yoga and Soul Song Delivery, and Tantra, using them to completely reshape her life and singing physiology.

Through these events she discovered techniques that can lift even the most desperate of situations, and is genuinely called to share her skills and vocal techniques with others in these most unusual times. 

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