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December Solstice – 21.12.21



The Solstice is an important time for us. A time to welcome back the light. to honour the darkness that we have been surrounded by and to set our intentions for the months to come.

This year we have the extra potency of the 21.12.21 reflection , so it is essential we spend this time in reflection, in meditation and creating the future we desire.

This year we will be working through our Akashic Records, and the Akashic Records of the collective to bring that light back to humanity. To anchor in the energy we wish to see in the world and to deeply reflect our light.

With the theme of opening new doors, and closing off what is ready to be moved through, this will be a powerful experience to close off the year as we move in to 2022

exchange for this 2 hour Akashic Records experience is £44.

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