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Oracle Card Mastery



We are the new wave of readers. Those that are here to help heal and inspire the planet.
Oracle and Tarot cards provide us with a powerful tool to help to receive the messages from the divine, our highest self, helping us understand what we need to know,
This Masterclass will help you connect and get to know the power of working with your cards
Without learning any intricate meanings, numbers, or symbology, this is open to all levels of readers (even if you’re a beginner), if you’d like to be more confident with your cards and know how to use these to create the positive change that you’ve been seeking in your life.
Whether you wish to read for self or for others, this will help you become clearer, more confident, and able to receive the messages in a clear and understandable way


NOTE: you need a deck of oracle cards and a notebook (any will do)

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