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Soul Calling

Private Mentorship (Deposit of £222.00 to confirm).



As we journey through life we find ourselves picking up on behaviours, on habits, on responses that don’t always feel like self. 

We know there’s more, we are being called, our spiritual side is awakening and we are wanting to find out true alignment. Yet it isn’t always that easy.

This mentorship program allows you to discover who you truly are, to activate in to your true essence, and heal the patterns that have been haunting you and holding you back. 

These sessions are bespoke to you. Blending Melissa’s experience as a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Meditation Guide, Channel, Akashic Records Reader, Angel Guide and Oracle Card Expert, with her natural intuitive manner, these sessions will help you from where you are now to create the life of purpose, alignment and joy. 

No two sessions are the same. Whether you would like Spiritual Mentorship to help you along the spiritual path, or life guidance to bring healing and freedom to your everyday wellbeing, or aligning and clearing blocks to your Soul Led Business… this one is for you. 

Choose from the following:

4 sessions £888
6 sessions £1333
9 sessions £1888

Sessions must be taken within 6 months of purchase. Deposit of £222 includes your first session.

Additional information

Session Options

4 sessions £888, 6 sessions £1333, 9 sessions £1888, Deposit only £222

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