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Transmute – The Masterclass and Attunement

Moving through darkness into light with the Alchemical Violet Flame.



Life can often feel heavy, and this can appear moreso when we are moving along a spiritual path. For centuries, Alchemists have been known for their ability for turning what is leaden in to Gold, and never is this more beneficial for when we are doing energy work. 

There is a Spiritual Retreat space called the Violet Flame. An Alchemical fire that is available to us to help draw out the heavy energies that we encounter and hold, and transmute them in to light – freeing us from what is weighing us down, and moving them in to the gold we need to rise! 

This masterclass connects you with the Violet Flame and its keepers, Attunes you to its power, and helps you understand how to work with it for self and with clients and in wider situations. It includes a deep energetic guided meditation for you to enjoy and clear yourself from those heavier energies that you have been carrying – possibly across lifetimes.

This is open to anyone who would like to create transformation on a personal level, and also to healers and spiritual practitioners who would like an extra tool to use with clients. No experience is necessary. 

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