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Witch Wound – The Masterclass

Healing the Witch Wound through the Akashic Records.



For Centuries Women and Men were burned and punished for showing any form of magical abilities or power. For exhibiting sisterhood, or natural healing abilities, or prophetic skills, and even for honouring nature and celebrating life. 

It is no wonder so many of our modern day healers are finding it hard to come out in to the open, to share their gifts, and to feel safe expressing their truth. 

This sensitively led, yet very powerful workshop will help you to acknowledge and finally release these wounds of the past, and help you to rediscover the gifts that you may have long since repressed.

You will journey through to a sacred retreat space within your Akashic Records  No experience is necessary. 


1 review for Witch Wound – The Masterclass

  1. Linda Whitehill

    Sounds amazing!

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