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The Ultimate guide to raising your vibration, bringing through divine guidance and living a Soul Led life

And start becoming clear on what your Soul has to say to you 


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Unlock the magic that resides within you, take inspired action, and begin to finally live a life of purpose, on purpose.

In these 5 days you will learn how to safely and effectively bring through the wisdom of your Soul, connect with your guides and become clear on how to take inspired action, without overwhelm, dogma or fear , so you can finally be free to live a life of purpose, on purpose. 

Kyle Melissa

Melissa Amos is a phenomenal teacher and accurate channel who is able to bridge the realms through her many skills as an intuitive and coach. I recommend her skills to anyone who’s ready to know themselves on a deeper level.


Kyle Gray, Teacher, Speaker, Yogi

Melissa Amos has worked with people just like you around the globe, helping them discover who and what they truly are

Hey! You may be wondering what on Earth this is all about…

So let me explain…

I am on a mission. To help people understand that they are so full of magic, essence. power – intuitive abilities that may have been locked inside (for lifetimes?), so that they can finally live a life of freedom, truth and integrity.

Lead Mag

How do I know?

Well, it wasn't always this way.

I used to do what I was told. Get the job, watch this programme, make the decision lists… you know that whole’ eat work sleep repeat’ cycle. The live from the head not from the heart thing.

That was, until I discovered something. That the power for my healing, my knowledge, my wisdom was literally in my hands. And when I discovered that… well… that changed it all for me. 

It was then I realised that my whole life, I had been turning away from the truth of me, and NOW it was my time to RETURN back to my wholeness. 

And what a ride it was

Leading me to here. A life led by intuition, surrounded by supportive friends (yes some of them might be crystals), decisions made on trust, being brought forward with courage.

A life where my body, my mind and my SOUL are all working together, to feel good, and purposeful and whole.

A life that is inspired and led by JOY. 

And you know where this starts…?

With unlocking that wisdom that sits inside you. That fountain of energy that is just waiting to be unleashed for you to live in your flow

Sound Scary…?

Maybe it should , but I’ll tell you something. I have never in my life felt so supported, trusted, guided and FREE as I do right now.

And I want to share the tools that got me started on this path

And what’s even better, I’ll show you how to do this in a way that is Safe, Loving and a whole lot of fun… without the overwhelm, dogma and prohibitive practices that sometimes seem to come with this territory (after all where is the love, fun and joy in that!)

Some Love notes from previous participants

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Before we start though,

There's a few things you need to know about me.

I make this fun, but I take this seriously. I have trained with some of the best mentors in the world, and am sharing with you real and best practices that I have found work for me, and the hundreds of clients i work with

I keep it real. Yep I have a lot of knowledge and a lot of practices. I am a holder of the Munay Ki, the co creator of a divinely inspired Crystal Healing Modality, a Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, An Akashic Record Mentor, The creator of the Soul Space. I was even selected by world renowned Author Kyle Gray to be a Mentor Teacher in his own group. And I share the best of these teachings in way that is safe, workable, understandable and REAL

I trust. Much of what I share with you will be divinely inspired, in the moment and of the moment. I flow, and I grow, so don’t expect me to be repeating things you have heard over and over again

Spirituality is not separate from me, or a hobby. This is my life, this informs every single part of me, and I LOVE IT. So excuse me if I get passionate and carried away.

This can change your life. It did for me, and my mission is to create ripples of light across the world, and gorgeous Soul, this starts with you.

Unlock my Intuition you say…?

But WHY?

About Melissa

An Akashic Records Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Transformation Therapist and Intuitive Guide, Melissa is truly passionate about her craft. She has an unique ability to get to the crux of the matter, to help you release any blocks that might be keeping you from living your Soul Led Life, discover your potential and bring you in to alignment with who and what you came here to be.

Melissa is a Spiritual Coach who has worked with people around the globe to provide healing, wisdom and clarity to help them to be free to live a life on purpose and with purpose.

Melissa works in a truly holistic way, whether through her channelled meditations, her one to one guidance sessions, her group programmes or her certified training courses, she has one mission. For you to find your own truth, your own power, your own way, and so create ripples of light wherever you may wander

If you want to work with someone who understands the Laws of the Universe, the Uniqueness of you, the power of potential and how to truly take inspired action - in a way that is manageable, down to Earth, easy to understand… and Fun, then this is the challenge for you..

Her dream is for everyone to believe in their own power, and she knows that any change starts firstly with self…

Melissa’s reputation as a global Spiritual Teacher, healer and coach has brought her clients from the USA, Canada, the Philippeans and all around Europe. She works from her home studio in Hertfordshire, England where she lives with her 3 young boys and husband.

What to

Expect in the Challenge

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Day 1

Set your Course

It all starts with an intention. Creating the foundation of your personal spiritual practices to enable you to find and unleash your own unique gifts

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Day 2

Clearing the Way

Our vibration sets the scene for all the work we do… creating our safe space, lifting our energy and clearing any blocks that might be inhibiting our free flow of intuitive information. Think of this as dialling in to the frequency. 

And make sure you join me for the evening for a SUPER POWERFUL AKASHIC JOURNEY

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Day 3

Meet Your Team

Our Spirit Team are always there for us, and day 3 you will not only connect with them, you’ll discover how to receive your very own messages from your Angel, Your Guide or your Highest Self

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Day 4

Unlock your SuperPower

Cards, Crystals, Pendulums… all these tools but what to do. Today is dedicated to having fun with your tools and finding out how they can springboard and deepen your practices

Day 5

Share your Gifts

When we do something for us, we are supported by our team. When we do something for the World The WHOLE UNIVERSE is there to support us. Use your newfound gifts to bring a message of love to another and amaze yourself at your potential! 

Some Love notes from previous participants

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Full access to the 5-day experience
Full access to the 5-day experience helping Soul Explorers trust their intuition and gain clarity by following this 5 step, interactive practice
Private Voxer Group
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Private Mastermind Call on Zoom you each get personal time, where we can pull cards, get guidance and assist with your inner path

Awaken your Inner Calling

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