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I really didn’t think it could happen to me… not then anyway.
Meet Melissa

You know how it is… I was working a long hard job.


Under valued, over worked and running on stress. 


Life just was.


It was OK, but there had to be more…

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I was lucky to have my grandmother's influence growing up..

a hypnotherapist who would take me over the rainbow in our monthly visits, opening my mind to the possibility that there's more to life than just this stuff... But you know. Life.
It has other ideas.

I mean, that 'stuff' was all weird and woo.

So despite my small collection of crystals, my dream books and the odd 'phenomena' that my brain would always explain away, I threw myself in to the 3d life.

Work. Play. Rest. Repeat.
And then one day it all changed.

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I found a new massage therapist to help manage that stress, my hour off my busy life every month. Then one fateful Thursday evening, she lay her hands over my head… 

What the… what on Earth was that?

It felt as if my being was filling up with the most wonderful feeling, and 2 minutes later the weight of the world has been lifted from me.

“Reiki”. Of course. 

That was it, I soon became a Reiki regular. My stress tank was lowering, I was coping better, my back stopped hurting – it was like I had discovered some sort of magic formula. 

A series of beautiful synchronicites later, in 2008 I found myself in my first Reiki Class. 

This was the game changer. 

I went in sceptical that anyone could open me up to this healing energy but the first time I felt that energy move through my hands it got me thinking… what else had I shut myself down to. 

Do you wonder that too?

Then came all the books...

The Secret, The Power of Now, The Alchemist, The channelled texts. I realised that thoughts created things.

I quit my job within weeks, moving to something a lot more aligned with more time for me to learn and grow. 

That freed up my time, and my energy. So I threw myself in to self-development. NLP, Reiki Master, Karuna, Shadow work, manifesting techniques, coaching, mediumship, weekly psychic circle.

I was like a sponge – reading, learning, growing, calibrating. The summits, the conferences, the books, the courses…

The more I opened up and trusted. The closer I got to my authentic me. 

I realised how little I knew myself.

I realised how grand and beautiful and abundant life was.
I realised that my words, my healings and my readings were helping real people with real problems
I was putting myself out there – it was damn scary but it was so worth it.
But, you know how it is… something was still anchoring me down and holding me back from actually showing up.
Another level of synchronistic events led me to another teacher. She mentioned the Akashic Records – I’d not heard of it, but the back of my neck goose-bumped – so naturally agreed to trying out a reading to see what happened.

Wow. Wow and triple wow. That was when everything changed. Drastically.

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That one reading opened doors, brought in new paths and cleared a whole load of sludge out my energy field

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Within weeks I was teaching Reiki, Running sessions in my development circle, taking on private paying clients and then started coaching people through their own Akashic Records. 

I know what you’re thinking. How can one session lead to this? Surely you were working towards that anyway? Didn’t imposter syndrome, doubt, lack of experience show up?

Of course they did, but I had the tools to work through them. And I no longer had fear based energy that had accumulated over life time’s holding me back and keeping me small. 

Plus, I discovered that I wasn’t really new to any of this, I had been working lifetimes to get to here. And now was my time.

I no longer felt the need to treat my spirituality as a (hidden) hobby

It was guided. It was meant to be. It was the most natural thing I could do. And the path was just there.

The more I trusted the more I faced my fears and the more I stepped up, the more opportunities came my way.